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Can you name the HSM (all films) characters from the quote given?

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'No, no, I'm not afraid. I'm just... scared.'
Thank goodness you've come to your senses! Plug in the volcano. Humu humu's back on. '
'Would you guys get mad if I asked him where I could get one of those Redhawks jackets?'
'Troy, my brother, can I have your gym locker?'
'What the heck are those two doing in a tree?!'
'Gentlemen.. Start your engines!'
'You're all being paid to work, not play Dr. Phil'
'Where is your sports posse, or whatever you call it?'
ClueCharacter Name
'That's called acting. You should try it sometime.'
'Do you know something about this... small person?'
'We're a go. But we're not Charlie's Angels, okay?'
'You are so crazy, Wildcat. And what is it with you and trees?'
'I might even make you a creme brulee!'
'Hip hop is my passion. I love to pop, and lock, and jam, and break.'
'Actually, it's two rats neither of them named Darbus.'
'Go.. go-dray.. go-darma...'

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