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OK, guys, what's taking so long? There's a storm coming.2004
And there's a storm coming, 1993
There's a storm coming. - What?1939
There's a major storm coming in, all right?2006
You all better get your umbrellas out because2006
I have to tie the boat. There's a storm coming. Then I'm going to bed. 1998
Unbelievable. There's a huge storm coming2005
You can't sleep outside, there's a storm coming.1953
Can't get past me. There's a storm coming, buddy.2006
Watch your back buddy, there's a storm coming in!1998
Looks like there's a storm coming.2000
There's a storm coming.1994
He said there's a storm coming in.1984
I have to go home. They don't know where I am. And there's a storm coming.2002
There's a storm coming in.2008
Alice says there's a storm coming.2010
It looks like there's a storm coming in2001
Boss, the men are exhausted. . .and there's a storm coming up1982
there's a storm coming. . .2007
That's not true. There is a storm coming.2007
I hear there's a storm coming1998
A silver cloud across the moon shows there's a storm coming. . .1960
There's a storm coming. . .2012
There's a storm coming Harry. . .just like last time.2007
There's a storm on the horizon.2003
A storm's coming.2012

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