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Slave InfoAuthors
He gave a personal account of the slave passage
A Scotsman who wrote about Slaves in Africa, Wrote about the various ways they were taken captive
Most powerful man in the trading communities, he agued that the continuition of slavery was unavoidable
Slavery hurt the African economy by de-populating Africa and placing a block on African industry with the foreign goods coming in, also blacks found it easier to do the slave trade
This was the original generation who were the first slaves
Wrote about the transfer of Africans to the New World. The Diaspora and the new communities and traditions they made
This was when the slaves were trying to get back to Africa
He believed that the slave trade was what produced the Industrial Revolution, but in turn this revolution helped to destroy slavery, it's all about economics
He believed that the population drop hurt the culture and the economics of Africa explaining today's problems
Talked about generations
He wrote about the inland journey of the Middle Passage, mentioned the lack of nutrition and that 1/4 of slaves taken dont' survive
Slave InfoAuthors
Slaves began to realize that they had alternatives to slavery and tried to change their situation by violence
He wrote about how the black revolutions actually slowed down their emancipation, people were actually more sympathetic to the mistreated white missionaries, and that blacks were u
The free labor system was responsible for the slave trade ending
He wrote about profits and losses of slave trade, wrote about how the slavers wouldn't overpack or try to kill them since it wasn't economically feasible. He also mentioned the ref
He talked about the influence that freed blacks had on abolition in particular Equiano's impact, also about Sierra Leone
Slave system ended due to the Abolitionists effort and not solely due to economic reasons
He was a king of Asante, expressed confusion as to why the British stopped since slavery would continue in Africa
Black traditions still exist today
Abolitionist, he gave details of the slave trade that were really grisly including talking about Zong
This generation was the peak of slavery and there was no mobility in this generation

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