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Specs and a Crowbar
Hard Reptile
Hooded Idiot... Not the Italian one...
Big Sword, Big hair, Big Game...
Sneaky Ironside
What a right Plumber
Scottish Hardman
Skinhead Clone
Viking Schwarznegger
Yes! Im a dude!...oh wait...No Gun? Six Inventory Slots? wtf...
Bitmap Brothers most Brutal Team in the most Brutal Sport...ever...
Literally pouring out of that tanktop
Massive Neck, Massive Gun, Massive Chainsaw...Massive Health Bar
Super emo who loves SeeD exams
Do you remember that day when it rained... you know, with the black car...
Really fast blue blur
No! thats the princess' name...
Optimal Ouch!
Is it a chick? the cartwheels make me think chick...
Cant wait for his next game, I've only been waiting for...forever!
Extremely Pasty Skinhead with a little beard!
Horror writer getting a taste of his own medicine
Where is the damn valley of the jedi?!?!
Skinny Blonde Pirate
Sing to the Clams and eat lots of fish!
Akira meets assassins creed
Bill, Zoey, Louis and...
Hunter, Smoker, Boomer, Tank and...
Commander... Paragon... Spectre
Like Lara Croft... but a man... and witty!

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