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Updated Feb 22, 2012

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'Lesser' TitleOriginal TitleYear
The Second Best Show in the Hemisphere1952
Vague and Imminent Risk1994
The Nine Suggestions1956
The Dim Squire2008
The Pretty Good Six1960
The Loose Association of Regular Dudes2003
The Untidy Ten1967
The Month of Living Unsafely1982
Disgruntled Cow1980
Cubic Zirconia Are for a Pretty Long Time1971
Assignment: Difficult1996
9 Things I Don't Like About You1999
'Lesser' TitleOriginal TitleYear
The Okay, the Not So Nice, and the Homely1966
Six Fiancées for Six Friends1954
Hundred Peso Fetus2004
Three Engagements and an Illness1994
A Boy for Autumn1966
Unfriendly Cul-de-sacs1973
A Handful of Nickels1964
Militia of Insufficient Lighting1993
Most of the Secretary of State's People1976
Infatuation and Injury1975
Decaf and Nicotine Gum2003*

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