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Can you name the Original Star Trek episodes from their (translated) Japanese titles?

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Japanese TitleOriginal TitleTranslation
超小型宇宙船ノーマッドの謎The Puzzle of Microminiature Space Ship Nomad
変身! カーク船長の危機Transformation! The Crisis of Captain Kirk
宇宙に漂う惑星型宇宙船The Planetary Type Space Ship Which Drifts to Outer Space
危険な過去への旅Dangerous Journey Into the Past
タロス星の幻怪人Mysterious Vision Person of the Talos Star
おかしなおかしな遊園惑星Funny Funny Planet Park
イオン嵐の恐怖Fear of Ion Storm
6200歳の恋The Love of 6200 Years Old
宇宙の怪! 怒りを喰う!?Mystery of the Universe! Eat the Anger!?
宇宙犯罪シンジケートSpace Crime Syndicate
宇宙の精神病院Mental Hospital in the Universe
未確認惑星の岩石人間Stones and Rocks Human of Unconfirmed Planet
コンピューター戦争 Computerized War
Japanese TitleOriginal TitleTranslation
バルカン星人の秘密Secret of Vulcan Star Person
死の宇宙病Space Illness of Death
宇宙軍法会議Space Court Martial
400才の少女400-year-old Girl
コンピューター人間Human Computer
ベータ・スリーの独裁者Dictator of Beta Three
デネバ星の怪奇生物Grotesque Creature of Deneba Star
復讐! ガス怪獣Revenge! Monster Gas
怪獣ゴーンとの対決Confrontation with Monstrous Beast
消滅惑星ゼータの攻撃Lost Planet Zeta Attack
二人のカークThe Kirk Two
歪ん�� 楽園The Paradise Where it is Warped

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