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Revenge ScenarioTitleYear
Mel's son is kidnapped, so he puts a bounty on the kidnapper's heads.1996
Mel's wife has her throat slit by an English soldier, so he kills the soldiers of an English garrison and sparks a revolt.1995
Mel's wife and son are run down by a gang, so Mel hunts them down one by one in his Pursuit Special.1979
When Mel's son is killed by British soldiers and his house is burned down, he organizes a militia to fight them with guerilla tactics.2000
Mel's daughter is murdered, so he tracks down her killer and forces him to drink radioactive milk. Then he shoots him.2010
Mel finds out the South African smugglers he's investigating are responsible for the murder of his wife, so he and his partner set out to exact their own justice.1989
Mel's father is murdered by his uncle, so he stabs the uncle (and several other people) with a poisoned sword.1990
Mel is left for dead by his wife and his best friend after a heist, and he is forced to take on a Chinese gang to reclaim his share of the stolen money.1999
Mel is forced by his captain to leave his wife behind in Tahiti, so he leads the crew in a mutiny.1984

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