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Big Bad Definitions Big Bad GRE Word Big Bad Synonyms
Intentially untrue; given to lyingFalse; lying; untruthful
Provide with choice of abundant food or drinkTreat
StubbornContrary; obdurate; perverse
Perceiving the significance of events before they occurDiscerning
Found in the ordinary course of eventsEveryday; mundane; routine; unremarkable
Trickery or subterfuge Guile; shenanigan; wile
A proposition that is not susceptible of proof or disproof; a saying widely acceptedMaxim
Skillful in physical movements, especially the handsAdroit; deft
Lacking interest or significance; displaying lack of maturity; lacking nutritional valueAdolescent; insipid; juvenile; puerile
Expose to fresh air; to give oxygen; to favor growthActivate
To loudly attack or denounce Rail
Daring and fearless; recklessly boldAdventurous; bodacious; brazen; daring
ClumsyBumbling; butterfingered; the word is composed of two French words, one which means 'bad' and one that means 'right'
Big Bad Definitions Big Bad GRE Word Big Bad Synonyms
Be in contradiction of; represent falselyContradict; negate
Of no real valueInvalid; null; void; worthless
To praise highlyExalt; extol; proclaim
To set boundaries; to separate clearlyDelimit; delimitate
Easily angered; prone to tempermental outburstsAngry; choleric; hot-tempered; short
Deserving or bringing disgrace or shameDisgraceful; dishonorable; opprobrious
Of an aura; pertaining to the earI'd say the hint here is in the key word in the first definition...
Dissatisfaction and restlessness resulting from boredom or apathy Boredom; tedium
An informed and astute judge in matters of taste; expertCognoscenti; think French here...
Useless repetition; a statement not necessarily trueHere's a hint: the latter part of the word is the stem that means 'study of'
Eager and enthusiastic willingnessBriskness
Give expression toExpress; show

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