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Big Bad Definitions Big Bad GRE Word Big Bad Synonyms
Useless repetition; a statement not necessarily trueHere's a hint: the latter part of the word is the stem that means 'study of'
Lacking interest or significance; displaying lack of maturity; lacking nutritional valueAdolescent; insipid; juvenile; puerile
Provide with choice of abundant food or drinkTreat
Found in the ordinary course of eventsEveryday; mundane; routine; unremarkable
StubbornContrary; obdurate; perverse
Skillful in physical movements, especially the handsAdroit; deft
Of an aura; pertaining to the earI'd say the hint here is in the key word in the first definition...
ClumsyBumbling; butterfingered; the word is composed of two French words, one which means 'bad' and one that means 'right'
An informed and astute judge in matters of taste; expertCognoscenti; think French here...
A proposition that is not susceptible of proof or disproof; a saying widely acceptedMaxim
To set boundaries; to separate clearlyDelimit; delimitate
Perceiving the significance of events before they occurDiscerning
To praise highlyExalt; extol; proclaim
Big Bad Definitions Big Bad GRE Word Big Bad Synonyms
Be in contradiction of; represent falselyContradict; negate
Easily angered; prone to tempermental outburstsAngry; choleric; hot-tempered; short
Expose to fresh air; to give oxygen; to favor growthActivate
Dissatisfaction and restlessness resulting from boredom or apathy Boredom; tedium
Daring and fearless; recklessly boldAdventurous; bodacious; brazen; daring
Intentially untrue; given to lyingFalse; lying; untruthful
Eager and enthusiastic willingnessBriskness
To loudly attack or denounce Rail
Deserving or bringing disgrace or shameDisgraceful; dishonorable; opprobrious
Give expression toExpress; show
Trickery or subterfuge Guile; shenanigan; wile
Of no real valueInvalid; null; void; worthless

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