Lost Characters vs. Heroes Characters

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Can you name the Similar Characters from Lost and Heroes?

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Walt Lloyd'The Kid who Could Outsmart You'
Jack Shephard'The Lead'
Kate Austen'The Female Badass'
John Locke'The Big Daddy Issues Guys'
James 'Sawyer' Ford'The Con Man'
Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes'The Funny Geek Everyone Underestimates'
Jin-Soo Kwon'The Sourpuss Who Lightened Up'
Sayid Jarrah'You only think I'm nice'
Eko'The Quiet Black Man'
Desmond Hume'The Precog'
Claire Littleton'The Claires'
Charlie Pace'The Stalker Boyfriend'
Michael Dawson'The Protective Father'
Benjamin Linus'The Morally Grey'
Nikki and Paulo'The Annoyances'
Vincent'The Canines'
Smoke Monster'The Monsters'
Eloise Hawking'The Old Lady Who Knows Everything'

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