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2009-2010TelevisionShow Choir
Creepy, boy that works for the school's paper
Pregnant cheerleader in 'New Directions'
Male, vocal lead of 'New Directions'
Ditzy, blonde cheerleader in 'New Directions'
Chubby gym teacher that almost married the answer to number 3
The stud with a mohawk in 'New Directions'
Faked being pregnant to save her marriage
'Goth' girl that faked a stutter in 'New Directions'
Male, backup singer in 'New Directions'
Male, vocal lead of 'Vocal Adrenaline'
Performs in a wheelchair for 'New Directions'
Stylish member of 'New Directions'/Kicker for the football team
'Soul Sister' of 'New Directions'
Coach of 'Vocal Adrenaline'
2009-2010TelevisionShow Choir
Father of the answer to number 7
The sister of the answer to number 1
Former show choir member/Dead-beat alcoholic performer. Went to high school with the answer to number 6
Sassy, blonde 'Cheerio' coach
Former choir teacher of the school/Sells medical marijuana to the students
'Asian' male dancer in 'New Directions'
Tries her best to jump rope for 'Cheerio' auditions
Spanish Teacher/'New Directions' coach
Snooty, cheerleader in 'New Directions'
Puts a gold star after signing her name/female lead in 'New Directions'
Guidance counselor with OCD
Mother of the answer to number 5
School Principal

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