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2009-2010TelevisionShow Choir
The sister of the answer to number 1
Male, backup singer in 'New Directions'
Faked being pregnant to save her marriage
Ditzy, blonde cheerleader in 'New Directions'
Stylish member of 'New Directions'/Kicker for the football team
'Goth' girl that faked a stutter in 'New Directions'
'Soul Sister' of 'New Directions'
Father of the answer to number 7
Puts a gold star after signing her name/female lead in 'New Directions'
Tries her best to jump rope for 'Cheerio' auditions
Male, vocal lead of 'Vocal Adrenaline'
Performs in a wheelchair for 'New Directions'
Spanish Teacher/'New Directions' coach
Creepy, boy that works for the school's paper
2009-2010TelevisionShow Choir
'Asian' male dancer in 'New Directions'
Former show choir member/Dead-beat alcoholic performer. Went to high school with the answer to number 6
Mother of the answer to number 5
The stud with a mohawk in 'New Directions'
Male, vocal lead of 'New Directions'
Pregnant cheerleader in 'New Directions'
School Principal
Sassy, blonde 'Cheerio' coach
Former choir teacher of the school/Sells medical marijuana to the students
Guidance counselor with OCD
Chubby gym teacher that almost married the answer to number 3
Snooty, cheerleader in 'New Directions'
Coach of 'Vocal Adrenaline'

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