Complete the Quotes from Zero Punctuation - Pt. 1

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Complete the Quotes from Zero Punctuation

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Each underscore represents a missing worAnswer
(Shadow of the Colossus) 'These are the complaints of a tiny irrelevant mouse, clinging to the back of a _ _ _ _ _'
(Tomb Raider: Anniversary) 'Bosoms, melons, milk factories, busts, funbags, knockers, 'ballistics,' boobies, jugs, nipples, jubblies, _ _ _!'
(Alan Wake) 'Let's not look a gift **** in the _ _.'
(Alone in the Dark) 'Seriously! Lean too close to the screen and you're in danger of _ _ _!'
(Alpha Protocol) 'Mike Thorton is the ponciest ponce who ever _ _ _ _ _!'
(Nier) 'It's gratifying to know the game is named after the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _'
(DC Universe Online) 'World of Warcraft had a duel faction system, therefore _ _ _ _!'
(Valkyria Chronicles) 'Every single one of them (JRPGs) is about androgynous teenagers _ _ !'
(Alice: Madness Returns) 'There's an _ _ _ quadruple jump!'
(X-Com: Enemy Unknown) 'One f*ck up could destroy this house of cards and most of them won't _ _ _ _!'

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