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You are...
An anime-obsessed, wrestling assassin 
A heavenly scribe with designer jeans 
A drunken space pirate with a dark past 
A disgraced former b-baller and father 
A powerful pink puffball from space 
An emotionally unstable widower 
A sexy, bespectacled witch with magic hair 
A slick and stylish demon hunter 
The fastest blue hedgehog alive 
A dashing super-spy with a grappling hook 
A doggedly determined sun goddess 
A world-famous acrobatic plumber hero 
One of four trigger-happy hunters 
A freeze-dried cyborg super-soldier 
A chain-smoking DARPA researcher 
A Berserker-packin' man-and-a-half 
An expert survivalist and secret agent 
An ugly and greedy antiheroic knockoff 
A green-with-envy but loyal brother 
A BSAA soldier and BOW expert 
A super advanced fighting robot 
A plucky psychic kid and his friends 
A cocky treasure hunter and history buff 
A simple engineer in outer space 
A tiny swordsman from another dimension 
An undercover cop from San Francisco 
A multi-armed and violently angry cyborg 
A violent cop or a mysterious agent 
A syndicate of seven strange assassins 
A bounty hunter with a chainsaw arm 
Going to...
The demonic tower Temen-Ni-Gru 
The Center of the Universe 
The hiding places of five elemental scrolls 
Hong Kong's criminal underworld 
Your friends' houses and places of work 
A secret outpost in the jungles of the USSR 
The space weapon Brahmastra 
The space colony Providence 
Locations around Santa Destroy 
The oppressed island nation of Panau 
The deadly, gang-filled Varrigan City 
A mysterious ring-shaped planet 
The former resort planet Stygia 
Air bases, arctic labs, power plants, etc. 
The twisted ancient tower of the Watchers 
Themed planets around Dream Land 
The wasteland planet Pandora 
Creepy places across the American south 
The mythical Tibetan kingdom of Shambala 
Hell on Mars, and then Hell on Earth 
African villages, temples, and bio-research labs 
A planetary amusement park 
Eight landmarks bearing magical songs 
The angel-infested holy city of Vigrid 
Imperiled places across old Nippon 
Wherever your contracts take you 
Your very own haunted mansion 
A foggy, terrifying resort town 
The derelict spaceship Ishimura 
The Spaulding factory in Proto Neo New York 
In order to...
Avenge your pet bunny and maybe save Earth 
Stop the sun and moon from fighting 
Test out your new super-suit 
Infiltrate the Triads and bring them down 
End the Deathwatch games and retire quietly 
Rescue your girlfriend from space zombies 
Rescue your princess, again 
Take down your old CO in a blaze of glory 
Stop the uprising of Maverick robots 
Collect eleventy-bazillion guns 
Catch Papa Caesar and kill the mutants 
Slam a jam and clear your name 
End Wesker's plans once and for all 
Stop Eggman and save a bunch of cute aliens 
Liberate it by blowing everything up 
Save your daughter from your old friends 
Complete your jewelry collection 
Defeat the Covenant and save the galaxy 
Stop a nuclear threat and kill your mentor 
Restore your power and banish darkness 
Empower your sword and save the princess 
Become #1 and get laid (just once) 
Find the secret of immortality 
Put an end to the Heaven's Smile 
Clear it of spooky ghosts and save your bro 
Find out the truth about your dead wife 
Bring fallen angels to justice and save humanity 
Find and fight your evil twin brother 
Destroy the ultimate evil, by abortion if necessary 
Make games and a lot of money 

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