The Thirteenth Tale

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Miss Winters was a ______Writer
______ is the narrator of this book
Miss. Winters first name is ______
There were ______ red-headed girls
______ was the twins nanny
Charlie is Isabelle's ______
Isabelle had ____ children
Isabelle _____ pain
John-the dig was a ______
The twins had ______ hair
______ is the families last name
One of Isabelle's daughters ______
Isabelle's other daughter _______
Stone _____ are outside the Angelfeild mansion
Miss. Winters is ______ Daughter
Margret grew up in a ________
______ made Margret chocolate cake
Miss. Winters was treated by _______
______ is Miss.Winters house keeper
Missus took the ____ to George Angelfeild to get him out of his depression
Missus and _______ took care of the girls

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