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Can you name the before and after moviesAnswer
2005 Steve Martin movie; Winona Ryder in an asylum for women
Military project to move a pachyderm; Woman tries to get rid of her imaginary friend
Arnold fights the Devil; Tom Cruise in a race car
Daughter gets married; Frankenstein sequel with a woman
Elite military force; Idiot with a mullet on the radio
Teens go to see Kiss; Movie with Nick Cage and Meg Ryan
Action movie with puppets; Steve Guttenburg as a cadet
Horror movie about cell phones; 2005 H.P. Lovecraft movie
Idiots don't travel through time (this Time) they die and go to hell; Jules Verne novel adaptation
Animated dinosaurs talk; 1.21 Gigawatts
Can you name the before and after moviesAnswer
Teenagers fight Russians; Zombies go to the mall
Average guys do strip show; Silly king looks for holy artifact
Captian Nemo, Tom Sawyer, and Dorian Gray are just a few of them; 1953 Marilyn Monroe Musical
B movie actor fights monsters; TV reporter gains heavenly power
Sean Connery on a Sub; Coal Miner's son makes rocket
2000 Ice Cube Movie; Hockey mask slasher flick
Gonzo thinks he's and alien; John Candy is an alien
Cal takes a trip to Metaluna; Jeff Goldblaum is a fuzzy alien
Guy fantasizes about cheerleader; Belle falls in love
Dan Aykroyd marries Kim Basinger; Weaver and Ryder in Space

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