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Can you name the rap artists corresponding with the three songs that are given?

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'Lodi Dodi', 'Ups & Downs', 'Woof'.
'Rack City', 'Molly', 'Dope'.
'Dead Presidents', 'Girls Girls Girls', 'Open Letter'.
'Doobie Ashtray', 'I Can't Make It Home', 'We Get High'.
'Represent', 'I Can', 'Africa Must Wake Up'.
'Peso', 'LVL', 'Purple Swag'.
'All Falls Down', 'Barry Bonds', 'Robocop'.
'Yonkers', 'IFHY', '48'.
'Wanksta', 'Piggy Bank', 'We Up'.
'Celebrate', 'Ghetto Dreams', 'The Light'.
'Work Out', 'Power Trip', 'Who Dat'.
'Come With Me', 'Come To Me', 'Shake Ya Tailfeather'.
'A Milli', 'How To Love', 'Earthquake'.
'Cali Sunshine', 'Martians vs Goblins', 'Ali Bomaye'.
'A.D.H.D.', 'Swimming Pools', 'Backseat Freestyle'.
'Forever', 'Crew Love', 'Girls Love Beyoncé'.
'Tupac Back', 'Ima Boss', 'Rosé Red'.
'Roll Up', 'The Race', 'Paperbond'.
'Box Chevy', 'Hustlin'', 'Mafia Music'.
'Swagga Like Us', 'I'm Back', 'Why You Wanna'.

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