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Actor who plays villainVillainShow
Michael ChiklisThe Shield
Sarah Clarke24
Eric RobertsDoctor Who
unnamedStar Trek
unknown The Mentalist
Robert KnepperPrison Break
Trey ParkerSouth Park
Jamie HectorThe Wire
Titus Welliver/ Terry O'QuinnLost
Michael RosenbaumSmallville
James CallisBattlestar Galactica
Actor who plays villainVillainShow
Michael EmersonLost
too many to nameany Batman series ever made
James Gandolfini The Sopranos
Ray WiseReaper
He's a judgeAmerican Idol
Ron RifkinAlias
Alan TudykDollhouse
Zachary QuintoHeroes
Morena BaccarinV
Christopher Collins/ Harry ShearerThe Simpsons
none (animal)Family Guy

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