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DescriptionEpisode NameSeason
A lose-lose situationSeason 3
A book written by Charles DickensSeason 3
Chapter of the BibleSeason 2
The name of the show Nikki guest starred in, also can mean 'exposure' Season 3
The name of a premiere episode of a seriesSeason 1
French for 'by airplane'Season 3
A reference to the comedy film Some Like it Hot and the frozen planet of Hoth in the Star Wars franchise, a reference at Hurley's attempt to write Star Wars: The Empire Strike BackSeason 5
A plot device used in theatreSeason 1
Said in marriagesSeason 3
Featured in Lewis Carroll's Alice in WonderlandSeason 1
A signal requesting helpSeason 2
Defined as 'distress or anxiety caused by prolonged confinement in a small or remote place'. Season 4
DescriptionEpisode NameSeason
Means 'The Flower' in FrenchSeason 5
References the philosopher (also my username)Season 5
A game small children play where one leader decides where the group goes, and the others follow him/herSeason 5
Refers to high selling music albumsSeason 3
A reference to Baptism by John the BaptistSeason 2
A popular airport in Los AngelesSeason 6
The magic phrase uttered by Dorothy to awake from her dream and 'return' to Kansas in the 1939 film The Wizard of OzSeason 4
Taken from Lewis Carroll's second 'Alice' book, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found ThereSeason 3
Le Petit Prince is a book by the French author Antoine de Saint-ExupérySeason 5
A military term used to describe a scouting missionSeason 6
Philosophy developed by John LockeSeason 1
A reference to the titular character in the 1939 film The Wizard of OzSeason 3

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