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Largest penguin species
Smallest penguin species
Penguin that live on the equator
Cartoonist who drew a single penguin singing 'I gotta be me'
Penguin mascot of Linux
Childrens book about homosexual penguins
____ Tuxedo and His Tales. A 1960s TV cartoon.
Portrayed The Penguin in the 1960's Batman
Portrayed The Penguin in 1992's Batman Returns
Cartoon Penguin from the Walter Lantz studio
2006 film that 'may cause toe tapping'
Title character from a Swiss stop-motion claymated television series
Satirical comic strip by Tom Tomorrow that features Sparky the Wonder Penguin
Jules Verne novel that has giant penguins
Religious people called penguins by The Blues Brothers
Pokémon whose evolution is Prinplup
1982 Sega arcade game where the player pushes blocks of ice around to crush Sno-Bees
City whose hockey team is the Penguins
State that hosted the Giant Penguin Hoax in the 1940s
Disney MMORPG for the 14 and under set
Film that won the 2005 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature
Penguins are black above and white below; an example of this type of camouflage
Color behind the Penguin Books logo's bird
Term for penguins moving by sliding on their bellies over the snow

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