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'It can happen. If you go to Argentina and have a steak you can wake up with ______'
'Thought of a new invention - A watch that counts your life down. If you only have three days left go to the _______'
'If it's all about ____ why don't gays like a bit of tit?'
'If you haven't got ____ you shouldn' thave wings'
'I came up with a good idea... see-through ____'
'Me Auntie Nora ________ for five minutes'
'This has got a bit heavy, can we do ______ ______ of the week?'
'I know you're 16 but looking 21; that's because Chinese look ____'
'You don't get anything done by _________'
'I'm happy when I'm not ___ __'
'I don't like having me head ______'
'There was one bloke called Jimmy the ___, because he never wore a ___'
'Could the world _____?'
'One of them was getting out of hand, so me Dad pulled over and put the lad in a ________ ___'
'I don't check my balls, I don't like the ____'
'There's this hairy ___________'
'I know how evolution works: Germ, fish, _______, man
'The Tudors? I don't even know if I had a ______ back then'
'A hairdresser once said to me 'You've got the hair of a _________''
'You never see an old man eating a ____'
'I could eat a ____ at night'

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