Batman Villains by Real Names

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Can you name the Batman villains from their real names?

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Real nameVillain
Dr Jonathan Crane
Lester Buchinsky
Drury Walker
Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel
Jean-Paul Valley
Harvey Dent
Wayne Bruce
Temple Fugate
Floyd Lawton
Jervis Tetch
Julian Gregory Day
Selina Kyle
Roman Sionis
Pamela Isley
Basil Karlo
Edward Nigma
Matthew Hagen
Thomas 'Tommy' Elliot
Noah Kuttler
Real nameVillain
Cyrus Gold
Alexander Sartorius
Deever and Dumfrey Tweed
Ted Dymer
Slade Wilson
Garfield Lynns
Mark Desmond
Arnold Wesker
Thomas Blake
Otis Flannegan
Waylon Jones
Dr. Victor Fries
Warren White
Sandra Woosan
Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
Joseph Chilton
Lonnie Machin
The Abramovici Twins
Dr. Robert Kirkland Langstrom
Marion Louise 'Mary' Dahl

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