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Can you name the games with the word 'world' in their titles?

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Developer, YearGameHint
PlatinumGames, 2009Wii game in which the player competes on a show called 'Death Watch'
Nintendo, 2005Animal Crossing game for the DS
Massive Entertainment, 2007Real-time strategy game where the USSR invades the US in 1989
ADK, 1992Fighting game with characters such as Hanzo, Julius Carn, and Muscle Power
Brøderbund Software, 1985Educational computer game in which the player looks for the leader of the V. I. L. E. criminal organization
2D Boy, 2008Independent puzzle game in which the player builds structures out of balls of goo
Sega, 1986The first game in the Alex Kidd series
Telltale Games, 2006Six-episode comedy-adventure game about an anthropomorphic dog and a hyperkinetic rabbit-like thing
Team17, 2001Seventh game in the Worms series
Neversoft Entertainment, 2008First game in the Guitar Hero series to feature drums and vocals
Nintendo, 1991SNES platformer that introduced Yoshi
Nautilus, 2006Third game in the Shadow Hearts series
Blizzard Entertainment, 2004MMORPG with over 12 million subscribers
Treyarch, 2008FPS that introduced Nazi Zombies mode
Jupiter Corporation, 2008DS RPG set in Shibuya
Nippon Ichi Software, 2007Strategy RPG in which the hero is infused with the soul of Gig, th Master of Death

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