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Can you name the video games in which these merchants appear?

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MerchantFirst AppearanceHint
The MerchantQuote: 'Got a selection of good things on sale, stranger.'
Recette LemongrassQuote: 'Capitalism, Ho!'
VulgrimQuote: 'Feed my hunger and I will feed your curiosity.'
DrebinQuote: 'Eye Have You'
Wirt the Peg-Legged BoyQuote: 'As long as you don't need anything reattached, old Pepin is as good as they come.'
MerlinusQuote: 'That does it! I'm leaving before all of my finest goods get stolen!'
Tom NookShop: Nook's Cranny
HachiShop: Battle Maps
Sanae HanekomaShop: WildKat
Seagrave HolmesShop: Rivet City Supply
StanShop: Stan's Previously-Owned Vessels
DaidaraShop: Daidara Metal Works
NekoItems Sold: Needle Helm, Vestguard
Ford CrullerItems Sold: Cobweb Duster, PSI Core
Happy Mask SalesmanItems Sold: Bunny Hood, Keaton Mask
Herbert MoonItems Sold: Cholla Springs Map, Rabbit's Foot
Master LibrarianItems Sold: Fire Boomerang, Library Card
Crazy DaveItems Sold: Fertilizer, Pool Cleaners

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