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Can you name the words that complete the video game titles?

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2K, Jam, Street 
Bash, Hunter, Rancher 
Bomberman, Contra, Metroid 
Brave, Crash, Dust 
Breed, Hominid, Swarm 
Castle, Cloud, Souls 
CD, Colors, Rush 
Doom, Fantasy, Fight 
Earth, Faction, Steel 
Frame, Fury, Labyrinth 
Fox, Ocean, Raiders 
Golf, Paint, Party 
Island, Rising, Space 
Pinball, Ranger, Snap 
Advance, Colony, Guild 
Battlefield, Gunstar, World 
Bionic, Captain, Crash 
Blue, Double, Saint 
Bushido, Power, Soul 
Cave, Vagrant, Yoshi's 
Costume, King's, Puzzle 
Dino, Incredible, Time 
Dynasty, Ikari, Metal 
Gitaroo, Mega, 'Splosion 
Guilty, Metal, Zero 
Kingdom, Shadow, Vandal 
Pocket, Street, Virtua 
Steambot, Valkyria, Xenoblade 

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