Super Mario Galaxy: 1 or 2?

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Can you name the Super Mario Galaxy game in which each galaxy is featured?

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Galaxy1 or 2?
Starshine Beach Galaxy
Supermassive Galaxy
Twisty Trials Galaxy
Chompworks Galaxy
Slipsand Galaxy
Flipsville Galaxy
Honeyhop Galaxy
Boo's Boneyard Galaxy
Spin-Dig Galaxy
Sweet Sweet Galaxy
Sling Pod Galaxy
Stone Cyclone Galaxy
Fluffy Bluff Galaxy
Flipswitch Galaxy
Honeybloom Galaxy
Loopdeeloop Galaxy
Flip-Out Galaxy
Hightail Falls Galaxy
Freezeflame Galaxy
Deep Dark Galaxy
Bigmouth Galaxy
Freezy Flake Galaxy
Honeyclimb Galaxy
Loopdeeswoop Galaxy
Slimy Spring Galaxy
Boulder Bowl Galaxy
Space Storm Galaxy
Galaxy1 or 2?
Boo Moon Galaxy
Fleet Glide Galaxy
Gold Leaf Galaxy
Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy
Buoy Base Galaxy
Ghostly Galaxy
Flash Black Galaxy
Battle Belt Galaxy
Flip-Swap Galaxy
Wild Glide Galaxy
Beach Bowl Galaxy
Snow Cap Galaxy
Matter Splatter Galaxy
Sand Spiral Galaxy
Sea Slide Galaxy
Yoshi Star Galaxy
Dusty Dunes Galaxy
Rightside Down Galaxy
Haunty Halls Galaxy
Cosmic Cove Galaxy
Cloudy Court Galaxy
Mario Squared Galaxy
Tall Trunk Galaxy
Rolling Green Galaxy
Upside Dizzy Galaxy
Grand Finale Galaxy
Drip Drop Galaxy
Galaxy1 or 2?
Gateway Galaxy
Rolling Coaster Galaxy
Throwback Galaxy
Sky Station Galaxy
Melty Molten Galaxy
Boss Blitz Galaxy
Shiverburn Galaxy
Good Egg Galaxy
Bonefin Galaxy
Puzzle Plank Galaxy
Toy Time Galaxy
Clockwork Ruins Galaxy
Melty Monster Galaxy
Dreadnought Galaxy
Honeyhive Galaxy
Bubbly Breeze Galaxy
Beat Block Galaxy
Space Junk Galaxy
Sweet Mystery Galaxy
Gusty Garden Galaxy
Hurry-Scurry Galaxy
Rolling Gizmo Galaxy
Bubble Blast Galaxy
Grandmaster Galaxy
Battlerock Galaxy

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