Ends in a 3-Letter Body Part

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Can you name the words that end in a 3-letter body part?

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Inability to open one's mouth, often associated with tetanus
A magical trinket, or a type of quark
A small spot of light on a radar screen
Pencil and paper game played on a 3x3 grid
A baby's bed
Follows 'chocolate,' 'potato,' or 'paint'
A warning device, or to frighten
Adjective describing a function where f(ax+by)=af(x)+bf(y)
Plant frequently used in Christmas decorations
Cloak worn by Roman military
Flower often associated with the Netherlands
Cut of meat taken from the outside of the rib
To revere, especially as a deity
To remove wool from a sheep
City in southern Saskatchewan
Varangian leader: ____ of Novgorod
A large gathering, especially of bees or other insects

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