Ends in a 3-Letter Body Part

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Can you name the words that end in a 3-letter body part?

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A baby's bed
A small spot of light on a radar screen
Inability to open one's mouth, often associated with tetanus
A large gathering, especially of bees or other insects
To remove wool from a sheep
Varangian leader: ____ of Novgorod
City in southern Saskatchewan
Pencil and paper game played on a 3x3 grid
Plant frequently used in Christmas decorations
A warning device, or to frighten
Flower often associated with the Netherlands
Cut of meat taken from the outside of the rib
A magical trinket, or a type of quark
Cloak worn by Roman military
To revere, especially as a deity
Adjective describing a function where f(ax+by)=af(x)+bf(y)
Follows 'chocolate,' 'potato,' or 'paint'

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