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Can you name the games with the word 'dark' in their titles?

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Developer, YearGameHint
Frictional Games, 2010First-person survival horror game inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft
Snowblind Studios, 2001Multi-platform game set in the Forgotten Realms
Level-5, 2001Playstation 2 RPG starring Toan
LucasArts, 1995Star Wars FPS starring Kyle Katarn
Nippon Ichi Software, 2003Strategy RPG starring Laharl
Vigil Games, 2010Action adventure game starring one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Capcom, 1994Fighting game with characters such as Demitri Maximoff and Felicia
Silicon Knights, 2002Survival horror game for the Gamecube featuring 'sanity effects'
Konami Computer Entertainment, Kobe, 1999Castlevania game for the Nintendo 64
Mythic Entertainment, 2001MMORPG from which 'Realm vs. Realm' gameplay originated
Infogrames, 1992First in a series of survival horror games
Namco, 2006Update to Tekken 5 introducing Sergei Dragunov
Starbreeze, 2007Game based on a comic book series starring Jackie Estacado
Camelot Software Planning, 2010Third game in the Golden Sun series
Rare, 2000Nintendo 64 FPS starring Joanna Dark

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