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Metro Manila
Capital region 
Mountainous area
Mountainous area of Luzon 
Ilocano is spoken here
Located in northwestern Luzon 
Located in northeastern Luzon 
Plain area of Luzon
Central part of Luzon 
Tagalog is spoken here
Southern Luzon 
MIndoro, MArinduque, ROmblon, PAlawan
Islands southwest of Luzon 
Bicolano is spoken here
Southernmost part of Luzon 
Part of Visayas where Hiligaynon is spoken 
Part of Visayas where Cebuano is spoken 
Part of Visayas where Waray-Waray is spoken 
Western part of Mindanao 
North-central part of Mindanao 
Named after a city and province
Southeastern part of Mindanao 
SOuth Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, SARangani and GENeral Santos City
Southern part of Mindanao 
Region name derives from Kalagan
Northeastern Mindanao 
Muslim Mindanao
Part of Mindanao where Islam predominates 

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