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Founded in Vancouver, team owners wanted to use 'The Mounties.' Nobody approved, so a fan vote named the team after a native beast. The name remained despite a move.
'Pioneers' was the most popular submission in a fan contest, but it was already used by Lewis and Clark College. Thus, this runner-up filled in for the team.
While 'Deltas' and 'Dukes' were among the finalists, this fitting name was chosen for the Big Easy. Tragically, it wasn't so perfect after moving west.
GM Jerry Colangelo picked this contest-inspired name over 'Scorpions' and 'Rattlers' thanks to its city's scorching weather.
Named for the region's history of auto and harness racing by the team's original investors.
When the SuperSonics (a team named for a planned Boeing plane) moved south, fans picked this boisterous alternative over 'Renegades' and 'Twisters.'
When the Syracuse Nationals made their move, somehow 'National' wasn't patriotic enough; the team was renamed after a specific landmark of its new home's history.
After the Buffalo Braves moved to San Diego, owners renamed it for the city's nautical history. Donald Sterling moved the team to his hometown, but kept the name.
In the ABA this team was 'The Rockets,' which complicated switching leagues. The club held a contest and chose a new name inspired by a historical gold rush.
Ned Irish used this name to pay tribute to the first organized basketball team, itself named for the clothing worn by Dutch settlers.
Named for the same Sauk chief that an Original Six NHL team indirectly referenced. It was shortened upon moving.
Named for a man who refused to brand his cattle. Having James Garner as a minority owner didn't hurt.
Owner Fred Zollner named his team after the engine parts he manufactured; upon moving, he dropped 'Zollner' from the name, but the devices fit the new city.
Out of 20,000 submissions, this climatic name beat out entries such as the Sharks, the Beaches and the Flamingos.
When the Rochester Royals moved through Cincinnati to the Kansas City/Omaha region, they changed their name to fit in. This trend didn't repeat upon another move.
Name OriginTeam
When 'The Americans' moved, it was renamed to this basketball-related to rhyme with two other major sports teams of the city. However, when it went NBA, it moved back home.
Fans voted for this alliterative team name, chosen to 'represent a group of daring fearless men, whose life pact was never surrender, no matter what the odds.'
While 'The Challengers' was the most popular submission in its naming contest, officials went with this name which doubled as an allusion to the theme park industry of its city.
The Chaparrals changed their location names several times despite staying in Dallas. However, upon moving, they switched to the Gunslingers, and then to this prickly alternative.
Team owners wanted to represent the city's dominance in the slaughterhouse industry; according to legend, owner Robert Klein's prototype names were BS.
Walter Brown named his team after a successful New York club of the same name; the Irish ancestry of the region helped.
Influenced by the region's history of gamesmanship, this team name won a fan vote. Hopefully nobody plans on hunting the players.
The original idea, 'The Huskies,' couldn't find a logo unique from another canine team. This name was chosen from a contest, possibly riding on the success of Jurassic Park.
Renamed due to connotations of violence brought about by its previous name, 'The Bullets.' Unfortunately, it was inadvertantly connotated with the Ku Klux Klan after a fan vote.
While owner Robert Johnson loved this name for personal reasons, it was helped by the local fauna and the fact that 'the athleticism of the feline species' was perfect for the NBA.
'The Spirit' wasn't well recieved, so fans named this team for a statement made by a British officerupon feeling sting of Carolinian revolutionary soldiers. Moving changed nothing.
Named for braves (not the Braves), it moved west from Philadelphia, then moved to a different city in the same state and decided to give the team a more general location title.
After the Detroit Gems moved to Minnesota, it was renamed for the state's trademark landscape. This didn't translate too well after moving again.
Fan Tim Pope submitted this nickname, which beat out 'The Polars' and recognized an aspect of the region's wildlife unique in the lower 48.
When it was founded in San Diego, the team was named in a contest in reference to the theme of 'A City in Motion.' The team moved east to a city where the name fit even better.

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