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Local politicians objected to 'The Senators' due to their lack of representation, so a more federal name was chosen.
The young roster of 1902 prompted a local newspaper to give this nickname to the team.
Inspired by a former NHL team, which itself was named for the nearby mountains.
After this team's field burned down and was rebuilt at a lower elevation, the original name 'Highlanders' no longer fit; thus, the club adopted this American League nickname.
Named for the 1914 'Miracle Boston Braves' (possibly in an attempt to sound miraculous by association). May have been influenced by the former Spiders player Louis Sockalexis.
Named for its city's celestial nickname.
Named after the PCL team, which itself was named for Franciscan priests.
Named for the evasion of trolleys.
Newspaper editors had to shorten the original uniform-related name. It caught on.
Named for the law enforcement agency of the state.
Named for its home city and its sister.
Named for an annual livestock show. No, really.
Named for the city. No, really. And it's not a translation from Spanish.
The Brown Stockings, later the Perfectos, got their name from fan commentary on the team's 'lovely shade' of red.
While the fans chose 'Colt .45s' in a contest, this team got its name changed for its city's importance in the Space Race.
Name OriginTeam
After signing Louis Bierbauer to their team despite another team's claim to the player, the ABA charged this club with piracy.
Named for the Atlantic fish. That's about it, really, no interesting story.
Name inspired by the defunct 1880's rival of the Gothams.
Named for an animal able to take down much larger opponents due to its cunning. Oh, and venom, that also helps.
Named for numerous older baseball teams which themselves were named for the state bird.
Owner James Gaffeny's Tammany Hall nickname was chosen for this team (Tammany Hall's mascot was a Native American chief).
Jim Mutrie allegedly called the victorious Gothams team 'My big fellows! My ____!' in a locker room celebration.
Disputed. One legend claims a sports writer compared the team to his alma mater, Princeton. Another states that they were named for the orange stripes on their stockings.
An homage to the city's workers at Miller, Schlits, Pabst and other such companies.
This team's founding ownership group, Labatt's Blue Pilsner, demanded that this team be named for its color.
Named for local gentlemen's clubs in Philadelphia; apparently, said gentlemen didn't know how to print more than one letter on their caps.
Named for a common aquatic creature of the region; Stuart Sternberg dropped the more diabolical part of the name in 2007.
Named for the simple color of its stockings (but not its sox).
Named for the aquatic life (or seafood) of Puget Sound and Lake Washington.
Inspired by its paler counterpart, this team's original uniform-related name shortened itself in 1907.

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