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Can you name the following films by a sampling of track names from their musical scores?

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Track namesFilm
Overture: Atmospheres; Blue Danube; Also sprach Zarathustra
The Shadow of the Past; Flight to the Ford; The Bridge of Khazad Dum
Letters from Home; Orange Light; Ride of the Valkyries
Anno Domini; Spirit and Sword; Judea
South American Getaway; Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head; The Old Fun City
Imperial Attack; Moisture Farm; Trash Compactor
Prologue; Mr. Longbottom Flies; Hedwig's Theme
Installation; Ghost Children; Mechanical Lullaby
I'm Not a Hero; Aggressive Expansion; Watch the World Burn
Beginning of a Friendship; Frogs; Invading Elliot's House
Track namesFilm
Suicide is Painless; Major Houlihan and Major Burns; Japanese Children's Hospital
You're No Different; That's My Boat; I Ran and Ran
Speak Softly, Love; Appollonia; Baptism
Polymorphia; Night of the Electric Insects; Tubular Bells
The West Wing; Something There; Transformation
Breaking the Sound Barrier; Southern Life; Glenn's Flight
Star Ship Escapes; The Flying Sequence; Chasing Rockets
Chrissie's Death; One Barrel Chase; The Underwater Siege
Rescue of Gasim; In Whose Name do you Ride?; That is the Desert
Distant Memories; The Sinking; Hymn to the Sea

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