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InfinitiveSimple PastMeaning
tunto do
liegento lie
lesento read
trinkento drink
heiβento be called
findento find
bleibento remain
laufento run
rufento call
bringento bring
entscheidento decide
lassento let/leave (behind)
bindento bind
bietento offer
sterbento die
fahrento drive
nehmento take
verlierento lose
geschehento happen
ziehento pull/move
genieβento enjoy
helfento help
beginnento begin
InfinitiveSimple PastMeaning
tragento carry/wear
springento jump
bekommento recieve
reiβento tear
einladento invite
denkento think
kommento come
schreibento write
waschento wash
empfehlento recommend
werdento become/get
sprechento speak
hängento be hanging
anfangento begin
essento eat
bittento request
klingento sound
gebento give
sitzento sit
gefallento please
haltento hold/stop
fliegento fly
spinnento spin
InfinitiveSimple PastMeaning
treffento meet
bewerbento apply
singento sing
habento have
wachsento grow
steigento climb
vergleichento compare
stehento stand
kennento know
vergessento forget
seinto be
werfento throw
schwimmento swim
sehento see
wissento know
backento bake
treibento engage in (sports)
schlafento sleep
scheinento shine/seem
gehento go
nennento name/call
fallento fall
verschwindento disappear

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