Supervillains without super powers

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Can you name the human villains from IGN's top 100 who have no super powers?

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Actual RankingVillainWhat makes this villain a threat
2Genius, unpredictability, chemical weaponry
4Financial and political power
7Combat mastery, genius, immortality water
10Mob boss, physical might
11Expert thief
12Personal connection to hero, mob boss
20Perfect accuracy, marksmanship
21Genius, financial power
27High-tech weaponry
28High-tech weaponry
34Genius, access to supersteroids
39Ninja master
42Combat mastery, genius, immortality water
Actual RankingVillainWhat makes this villain a threat
45Unpredictability, loyalty to fellow villain
51Wealth, high-tech weaponry, mob ties
58Chemical weaponry
60Chief of military agency
65Genius, ultra-futuristic high-tech arsenal
67High-tech weaponry
70Cult following, military power, bigotry
81Access to magical artifacts
85Master illusionist
86Political and military power
88Batman powers, without the moral code

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