German Past Participles (WilMa)

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InfinitivePast ParticipleMeaning
singento sing
trinkento drink
bleibento stay
nehmento take
fahrento drive
tunto do
schreibento write
verlierento lose
fallento fall
gefallento please
sehento see
tragento carry, wear
kommento come
sitzento sit
vergleichento compare
essento eat
rufento call
vergessento forget
findento find, think
anziehento dress
schlafento sleep
werdento become
waschento wash
InfinitivePast ParticipleMeaning
empfehlento recommend
treffento meet
lesento read
entscheidento decide
steigento climb
sprechento speak
fliegento fly
gehento go
einladento invite
seinto be
hängento be hanging
stehento stand
heissento be called
gebento give
lassento let, leave (behind)
liegento lie
anfangento begin
beginnento begin
haltento stop
helfento help
schwimmento swim
laufento run, walk
treibento engage (in sports)

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