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Can you name the four letter answers with 'ea' in the middle?

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Nemesis of nays.
A handsome man.
Connery or Hannity.
Member of the Pinniped family.
Valjean or Grey.
Look before doing this.
Damage over time.
To rip, or a byproduct of crying.
Sinbad sailed seven of them.
Collecting the harvest.
A large pile of something.
Where your ears and eyes are.
Michael Richard's career.
1812, 1984, or 2001.
A mainstay of friendship bracelets.
Not strong.
Breakfast, lunch or dinner.
An impressive act.
Shaking hands makes this official.
What you'll find in a pod.
Fire makes this.
An unwanted hole.
Young beef.
Carnivores can't get enough of it.
The tippy top.
A bird's weapon.
Jack traded his cow for a magic one.
Organ for photosynthesis.
Lacking a sense.
Like Joe Greene.
An end, or to raise a child.
The beginning of most letters.
What your ears do.
Member of the Ursidae family.
Can be made of light or wood.
To regenerate.
It makes clocks tick.
Shakespearean king.
A group.
What you do with this sentence.
Close by.
A fruit.
Jack Kerouac or Allen Ginsberg.

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