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Don Diego de la Vega slashes this symbol in victory.
Will Smith's character in Men in Black.
Head of MI6, according to Ian Fleming.
Assumed surname of a mister who pities fools.
Nominative singular pronoun in English.
Singular indefinite article in English.
The most commonly-used internet related prefix.
Above average.
The symbol for momentum in physics. Why? I don't know.
Oliver Stone presidential biopic.
Avenue where you'll find Trekkie Monster or Gary Coleman.
SI symbol for one sixtieth of a minute.
The sex-determining chromosome.
It marks the spot.
Measured in newtons, it equals m times a.
Only MPAA rating that requires supervision.
Used to represent a thousand, but not in Ancient Rome.
Prefix for German submarines.
Symbol for sample size in statistics.
Fifty, in Ancient Rome.
Symbol of the simplest known atom.
Prevalent term in thug culture used to express approval.
Subject of a Sesame Street song about a sweet snack.
Emoticon catch-all for laughter or big smiles.
Thomas Pynchon novel or unrelated invasion miniseries.
The blood type of universal donors.

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