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Can you name the Movies whose 3 main actors are listed as other characters they've played?

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Chuckie Sullivan, Jake Hayes, Alexander Dane1999
Charlie Wilson, Amelie Poulain, Erik Lensherr2006
Benjamin Gates, Chuck Barris, Katy McLaughlin2003
Stu Shepard, Alastor Moody, Francis Dolarhyde2008
Ebenezer Scrooge, Charlie Kenton, Ginger Knowles2000
Alfred Borden, Patrick Verona, Nick Naylor2008
Billy Costigan, Hanna Schmitz, Taylor Briggs1997
Jules Winnfield, Deacon Kaye, Gerald Lambeau1999
Emperor Han, Frank Martin, Ingrid Cortez2001
Harry Pfarrer, Joe Black, Mike McDermott2001
Mia Wallace, Alex Munday, Shante Smith2003
Staff Sgt Dignam, ├ćon Flux, Derek Vinyard2003
Mark Zuckerberg, Billy Hoyle, Hannah Weaver2009
Edward Bloom, Evey Hammond, Bryan Mills1999

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