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Symbol of Christmas and accompanying commerce; known for his generosity, omnipresent surveillance, and for passing judgment
Trojan War veteran who proved wits, duplicity, and cunning were just as imperative as strength. Also adventured twenty years to for a reunion with his wife.
A plastic role model for girls everywhere, be it positive or negative, equally touting endless possibilities and impossibly high beauty standards
The fearsome master of the oppressive welfare state and Oceania; the essence of totalitarianism and loss of liberty
Aristocratic Brit who transformed sexual standards in literature and society, proved sexuality was an imperative part of romance, and reformed views on censorship
Created a masculine image for cigarettes while shrouding the health hazards, the most successful marketing campaign quadrupled product sales in two years
Pair of Olympians whose contrasting beliefs are the basis of a philosophical and literary dichotomy; rational vs free spirit
An avian icon for the phycially unattractive who unintentionally encourages overlooking mental, emotional and physical strengths in favor of outward appearance
Seeking revenge for his murdered parents, his mixture of intelligence and vengeance raises questions of obsession, vigilantism, and the justice system
Feline symbol of children's literature and introduced many children to reading
Narcissistic Spanish rogue who legitimized and glorified sexual conquest; he himself had over 1000 conquests without a semblance of love
Scandinavian woman who questioned patriarchal social and marital norms, that women are more than simply dolls
Comic character who advanced the medium from novelty to literary form while exemplifying the perfect detective: dedicated, gritty, tech-savvy honest and incorruptible
Danish prince of problems who weighed suicide, loyalty, revenge, justice, responsibility, and the afterlife. Ay, there's the rub
A can-do problem-solver who exemplifies America's super-size attitude with his size, his adventures, and his flapjack breakfasts
Phrygian king with a magic touch who learned to be careful what you wish for and that there can be too much of a good thing
Celebrated thief who fought injustice and corruption by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor
Shows the unhealthyness of mama's boys, and proves that any one, no matter how mild-mannered, could be a murdering psychopath
The anchor for British monarchy, the embodiment of kingship, and the standard for leadership
Cinematic nightclub owner who shows us that patriotism and courage need to take precedent over passion and isolationism. Especially during events as big as World War II
Young literary duo from Missouri who expound the joy and gravity of adolescence, and lamenting how we must grow up eventually
Quintessential everyman who falls short in a society that demands success. His failures in sales and the resulting failures of his son drive him to suicide
Skilled marksman who put his son's life at stake to display resistance to foreign Austrian tyrants
Questioned social orders and aristocracy in 18th cent. France, leading to the decline of feudalism, chivalry, monarchies, and slavery. Also gave great haircuts
Plumbed the depths of teenage angst, sci-fi/fantasy, and monster killing. Also proved women can be victors instead of victims
Anthropomorph who raised awareness of fire safety and prevention in the wilderness
The ultimate intellectual and detective, heralding science, logic, and elementary attention to detail
Sambo-like character who lent his name to infamous 'Separate but Equal' laws
Romanticized mythical figure of the American frontier; adventurous, independent, and strong
A single character with two identities, introducing the psychological concept of split and multiple personalities, or at least mood swings
Titan who showed compassion to suffering humans, refusing to compromise beliefs or bow to Olympian authority
Pair of Gods who personify man's powerless submission to love, lust, desire, and the dangers therein
Sold his soul to the devil for, among other things, knowledge. Knowledge he uses to outsmart the devil and get access to Heaven
Personified machine of children's literature who applauds tenacity, hard work and perseverance
Inspired many to pursue a career in law after depicting defense attorneys as saviors and humanitarians
A warning of how easily religious views and fervor can be manipulated. Especially by a charlatan for illicit gains
Intelligent Spaniard who fell victim to his own foolishness, his admiration of knights and chivalry, and windmills
A sea-faring embodiement of obsession and insanity, a representation of an unreliable leader who learns too late that man cannot get revenge on nature (especially whales)
Plucky yet proper heroine who learns subjectivity and sensibility from a surreal world
Fire-breathing political metaphor about the dangers of atomic weaponry, also allegorizing the nuclear arms race
The grunting, monstrous result of men playing God and the consequences of science run amok
International symbol of innocence who raised animation from novelty to art. He also symbolizes the largest media empire ever
Noble savage whose epic poem reinforced condescension towards Indians and their so-called 'savagery'
TV paradigm for ruthless, backstabbing businessmen, the selfish rich, and proud Texans
Priest who proffered the importance of romance by defying Claudius II's ban on new marriages. Wrote love letters to his beau while imprisoned
The most famous and infamous Jew in fiction, cementing stereotypes of greed, deceit, and cruelty
Undisputed person whose name appears on official documents, when nothing else about him is known
Encouraged perseverance in dealing with dustbowl America by discouraging escapism. After all, there's no place like home
Expendable, interchangeable blank slate that any girl, especially princesses, can project their own desires upon
Fictional slave whose gentle nature and obedience to white authority stagnated emancipation in Civil War era America
Wheelchair-bound scientist who extolls caution concerning military technology and the threat of a nuclear doomsday
Early animated sex symbol who brought feminine allure and Prohibition era vices to the big screen
Greek sculptor so desperate for a perfect companion, he decided to create her himself
Fairy tale siblings who learned not to trust strangers and to avoid a high sugar diet
Castaway who showed society was not the product of government and modern conveniences, plus he showed non-Christian savages were just as moral as westerners
Sci-fi farm boy who met maturity by confronting his father and proving hokey religions have a place in a world run by machines
The original star-crossed lovers who sum up the strong emotions of adolescence and epitomize love, passion and devotion
Inspiration for thousands of cryptids, fostering the growth of cryptozoology and other pseudoscientific fields
Archetype for the hard-boiled private eye and for private enterprise; making your own rules, uncomprimising attitudes, and working for one's own profit and livelihood
Japanese woman deceived, betrayed and degragated after her American husband, a Naval officer, abandons her with child and without support
Introduced a mentality to girls that hapiness and rewards can be earned by looking pretty, wearing nice clothes, and marrying a handsome prince
The most famous silent film character, who embodied the rags-to-riches mentality and raised comedy to a high art
German film character and the first serial killer displayed on film, his moral ambiguity raises moral, ethical, and social questions about mental illness
An animated epitome of cool who was found guilty of marketing cigarettes to kids
Puritan adulteress who distanced religion from secular law and who struggled for dignity and repentance in an unwelcome world
Shakespearean Venetian Moor who illustrated the results of unwarranted jealousy, racism, betrayal and the negative effects of rumors
A symbol of German nationalism representing warrior culture. Featured in the operas of Wagner and was adapted as a national symbol during both World Wars.
Sir Walter Scott's crusader who brought peace to the Normans and Saxons while showing the importance of political, familial, and religious reconciliation
Globetrotting secret agent touting innovative gadgets, fast cars, debonair demeanor and pillow talk equally to secure Britain
Radio and later television pair who raised questions about minorities and their roles in media
Beast who represented slavery and bigotry, but also proved true love knows not looks or even species
Fictional entertainer who salutes artistic ideals and spirits, as well as acceptance of others be they black, white or green
Her feminine allure started a war, showing how powerful an asset women's beauty is, especially at launching ships
Athenian youth who learned firsthand why one should not fly too close to the sun, metaphorically and literally
Personified animal who learned the need for self-reliance, leadership skills, and basic instincts during the Klondike Gold Rush
Curmudgeonly, selfish miser who learns the importance of philantropy, family, and the spirit of Christmas over material wealth
Learned there is no escaping fate when he inadvertently killed his father and married his mother. Freud claims he was complex
Junior literary detective who proved success was the result of hard work, regardless of age or gender
A boy who never grew up who shows it's never too late for a happy childhood
Sci-fi duo who boldly adventure using cunning, intuition, technology, and logic
A feral emblem of nature vs. nurture and man's inherent supremacy over apes and the rest of the animal kingdom
'Great' embodiment of 1920's American decadence; using fraud to achieve wealth and sacrificing idealism and spirituality for materialism
Unabashed, ignorant, blue-collared sitcom bigot epitomizing reactionists, the opinionated, and loudmouth Americans, you meathead!
Personification of America who encourages army recruitment and war bond purchasing
Musical exterminator and kidnapper who serves as a warning to always settle debts and give others their dues
Unlikely icon of the feminist revolution: unmarried, independent, and succeeding in a man's world (TV journalism). She had spunk
Drove American women into vacant labor jobs during WWII, jump starting the Women's Lib movement
A universal villain whose aristocratic demeanor belies his seduction and murder of women. His dark affiliations have carried the vampire mythos
Avatar for the American soldier and a symbol of military adventurism. Now with Kung-Fu Grip
Widowed southern lawyer who preaches calmness, intelligence, and understanding, especially after having to defend a falsely accused black man
Adam's first wife who demanded gender equality. Cursed by God into demonhood and in revenge continuously slaughters unguarded infants
The death of his mother polarized society into nature lovers versus animal hunters; influenced vegetarians and animal rights activists
The original scapegoat, the first Greek woman featured in a myth about the dangers of curiosity while championing hope
Demigod born with immense strength who, through twelve labours, learned that with great power comes great responsibility millennia before Spider-Man
Fostered interest in the space program and the science-fiction genre, ushering in the Space Age
Soldier cursed by Jesus to wander the Earth immortally until Jesus' return. Nearly 2000 years later, he's still waiting.
Filmic journalist and politician who shows the power and pain of wealth while showing the rich and powerful cannot truly speak for the common man
Symbol of unequivocal good and heroism as he fights for truth, justice, and the American way
Overweight, submissive female archetype meant to comfort slave owners and dispel sexual mystique
Persian adventurer espousing swashbuckling and murder, theft and mayhem as normal parts of the business world
Sentient space program computer who shows the danger of reliance on machines and proving everyone fights for survival when cornered

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