Middle School Oral Tradition Terms

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Scatter or spread
A lesson about life that is taught in a story (likely fables)
Folk tales that use hyperbole - or overstatement
Come between as to alter events
Brief stories that feature animals that reveal a moral
Long narrative poems that involve a hero going on a great journey, or quest
Giving human characteristics to nonhuman objects
Larger-than-life characters whose deeds are often celebrated
An idea that is repeated throughout many cultures and generations
Stories about ordinary people that reveal values of a culture
Tales that tell the actions of gods, goddesses, and the heroes that interact with them
Having a definite hardness or severity
A sash warn around the waist
Stories based on real people, but over time facts twist into fiction creating larger-than-life characters
Exaggeration for effect
Reference to a well known person, place, event, art, or literary work
Openly resist
The central idea of a story
Container for arrows, bolts, or darts
A space or division made by splitting

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