Middle School Oral Tradition Terms

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A lesson about life that is taught in a story (likely fables)
Openly resist
Stories based on real people, but over time facts twist into fiction creating larger-than-life characters
The central idea of a story
Long narrative poems that involve a hero going on a great journey, or quest
A space or division made by splitting
Come between as to alter events
Scatter or spread
An idea that is repeated throughout many cultures and generations
Brief stories that feature animals that reveal a moral
Stories about ordinary people that reveal values of a culture
Container for arrows, bolts, or darts
Folk tales that use hyperbole - or overstatement
Giving human characteristics to nonhuman objects
Tales that tell the actions of gods, goddesses, and the heroes that interact with them
Larger-than-life characters whose deeds are often celebrated
Reference to a well known person, place, event, art, or literary work
Exaggeration for effect
A sash warn around the waist
Having a definite hardness or severity

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