AFI 100 Years...100 Films Nominated Films 07 (Part 1)

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Can you name the AFI 100 Years...100 Films Nominated Films 2007 (Part 1)?

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1951Kirk Douglas
1949Spencer Tracy
1938Errol Flynn
1957Cary Grant
1951Humprhey Bogart
1980Leslie Nielsen
1979Sigourney Weaver
1950Bette Davis
1930Lew Ayres
1979Roy Scheider
1949Broderick Crawford
1976Robert Redford
1984F. Murray Abraham
1999Kevin Spacey
1973Ron Howard
1951Gene Kelly
1977Woody Allen
1960Jack Lemmon
1979Martin Sheen
1995Tom Hanks
1997Jack Nicholson
1980Burt Lancaster
1997Mike Myers
2004Leonardo DiCaprio
1937Cary Grant
1985James Cromwell
1985Michael J. Fox
1973Martin Sheen
1942Hardie Albright
1953Fred Astaire
1940W.C. Fields
1939Gary Cooper
2001Russell Crowe
1991Paige O'Hara
1999John Cusack
1926Ramon Navarro
1959Charlton Heston
1946Frederic March
1988Tom Hanks
1983Kevin Kline
1925John Gilbert
1946Humphrey Bogart
1963Tippi Hedren
1915Lillian Gish
1955Glenn Ford
1982Harrison Ford
1974Gene Wilder
1986Kyle MacLachlan
1967Warren Beatty
1997Mark Wahlberg
1989Tom Cruise
1991Laurence Fishburne
1995Mel Gibson
1985Terry Gilliam
1961Audrey Hepburn
1985Emilio Estevez
1979Dennis Christopher
1957Alec Guinness
1938Cary Grant
1987William Hurt
2005Heath Ledger
1919Lillian Gish
1988Kevin Costner
1969Paul Newman
1972Liza Minnelli
1943Ethel Waters
1937Greta Garbo
1976Sissy Spacek
1942Humphrey Bogart
1965Lee Marvin
1942Simone Simon
1981Ben Cross
1915Fannie Ward
2002Catherine Zeta-Jones
1974Jack Nicholson
1983Peter Billingsley
1950Ilene Woods
1941Orson Welles
1931Charlie Chaplin
1971Malcolm McDowell
1977Richard Dreyfuss
1985Whoopi Goldberg
1978Jon Voight
1974Gene Hackman
1967Paul Newman
2005Matt Dillon
1928Eleanor Boardman
1990Kevin Costner
1951Patricia Neal
1978Richard Gere
1962Jack Lemmon
1989Robin Williams
1978Robert De Niro
1958Sidney Poitier
1972Burt Reynolds
1939Marlene Dietrich
1959Millie Perkins
1988Bruce Willis
1971Clint Eastwood
1989Spike Lee

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