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Prime; persons of the highest class
To make very happy or proud
What civilised people eat off
To censure or criticize harshly or violently; scold
Weapon used to kill vampires
Premiership football club nicknamed 'The Potters'
A simple past tense of 'speak'
A sharp point
A petty, malicious desire to harm another person
Salt, pepper, cinnamon
Outer _____
Americanism - air-headed, dull witted
Doll from 'The Simpsons.' Malibu _____
a more or less orderly pile or heap
Idiom - 'To take up the _____'
A small copper coin used in Scotland in the 15th/16th century
A long, flat piece of timber
To rapidly open and close the eyes
Unable to see
common, light, hair colour
To mix or intermingle smoothly and inseparably
Not highly flavored; mild; tasteless
'White' in Lyon
American composer, Ralph _____
Flying Machine or a flat/level surface
The _____ Affair. CIA Agent, Valerie _____
To hold responsible; find fault with
Supreme or outstanding. Su_____
A region or its climate
Any offense, serious wrongdoing, or sin
Elite; of the greatest relevance or significance

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