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The goddess Bona Dea was so sacred that men were not even allowed to know her name
Emperor Marcus Aurelius was a well established Cynic philosopher
The first Christian Emperor of the Roman Empire was Constantine the Great
An Augur foretold the future by studying the flight of birds
Zeus was the Roman king of the gods
The Emperor Decius (249 - 251 AD) ordered every citizen to make a sacrifice to Roman gods, to suppress Christianity
The Emperor Antoninus Pius got his name due to his compelling the Senate to build a huge temple in the middle of the Forum
Cicero was a Pontiff
Gaius Julius Caesar was created a god after his death
The god Terminus was the god of Death
The religious head of Rome was the leader of the Senate
Vesta was the goddess of wrath
After the Roman defeat at Cannae two Gauls and two Greeks were buried under the Forum Boarium
Pliny the Elder declared that 'a sacrifice with a prayer is thought to be useless and not a proper consultation of the gods.'
''Sit divus dum non sit vivus' (let him be a God as long as he is not alive)' was said by Caracalla, before murdering his brother Geta

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