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Can you name the answers to questions about Alexander the Great?

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Who was his successor (as king of Macedon)?
Where was his place of birth?
Wha was his date of birth?
How many cities did he found that had his name?
What was his year of succession?
When asked who was to succeed him on his deathbed what did he reply?
At which battle did he first command men?
How old was he at his death?
What was his favourite book?
What was the collective name of his successors (in all of his former empire)?
Who was his mother?
Which God/Goddess did Hegesias of Magnesia say attendded his birth after one of their temples burned down on the same day?
Who was his father (and predecessor as King of Macedon)?
Which city was is body exhibited in until c. 200 AD
Which philosopher was his tutor in youth?
Who was his successor (as king of Macedon)?
Did he ever lose a battle?
How many wives did he have?
Where was his place of death?
What was his dynasty?

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