Bretwaldas of Britain

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Can you name the Bretwaldas of Britian?

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These are the Pre- Viking kingsKingReigning Time
of SussexReigned their kingdom: 477-514
of WessexReigned their kingdom: 560-591
of KentReigned their kingdom: 591-616
of East AngliaReigned their kingdom: 600-624
of DeiraReigned their kingdom: 616-633
of NorthumberlandReigned their kingdom: 634-642
of NorthumberlandReigned their kingdom: 642-670
of MerciaReigned their kingdom: 716-757
of MerciaReigned their kingdom: 757-796
of WessexReigned their kingdom: 802-839
of WessexReigned their kingdom: 871-899
of WessexReigned their kingdom: 899-924

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