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Can you name the answers to these How I Met Your Mother season 1 questions?

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#1:Who are the new half-Asian girls, according to Barney?
#2: To which place does Ted intend to take Robin?
#3:Ted & Barney catch a plane to which city?
#4: Which martial art did Natalie use to kick Ted's ass?
#5: What is the name of the club they all go to?
#6: What is the name of Slutty Punpkin's cocktail?
#7: What was barney's fake name when he signs up for 'Love Solutions'?
#8: What is the name of Ted's coffee maker?
#9: For what charge was Barney sentenced to community service?
#10: What does karaoke mean?
#11: What was not-Moby's real name?
#12: What is Claudia's favorite drink?
#13: What was the name of Victoria's Bakery?
#14: What board game does Robin invite Barney to play?
#15: In which country would Barney travel with the peace corps?
#16: In the back of what kind of store is Barney's tailor located?
#17: What phrase do Marshall's co-workers use when something is awesome?
#18: Who did Lily kick in the nuts?
#19: How are the awards the gang goes to called? (initials only)
#20: What kind of animal is the mascot that Barney dresses like?
#21: Whose birthday was it during the episode??
#22: Where do Marshall and Lily go for dinner during their 'pause'?
Bonus Question: After which episode did Ted really stop being Vomit-free since '93 (full word)?

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