Places of Legend of Zelda

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Can you name the Places of Legend of Zelda?

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Ocarina of TimeGanondorf
Majora's MaskZora Eggs
Wind WakerGreen Guy
Minish CapZoras
Phantom HourglassMini-game
Twilight PrincessIron Boots
Ocarina of TimeMaster Sword
Link's AwakeningKing Richard
Link to the PastGorons
Majora's MaskSkull Kid
Ocarina of TimeEpona
Most Common in ZeldaLand
Twilight PrincessMountain
Adventure of LinkGorons
Minish CapVaati's Power
Wind WakerKoroks
Majora's MaskPamela
Ocarina of TimeSaria
Oracle of AgesQueen Ambi
Oracle of SeasonsAutumn, Winter, Summer, Spring

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