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This woman was crowned King of Poland1384
George Washington captured this town alongside French forces, in the American Revolutionary war1781
This Queen of France was executed 1793
This man is attacked by the Sixth Coalition in the Battle of Leipzig1813
This man, the first Prime Minister of Israel, is born1886
This author of 'The Importance of Being Earnest' is born1900
Roy and Walt Disney establish this company1923
Chinese communists begin the long march, during which this man becomes their party chairman1934
German Forces initiate their first attack on this country1939
This Holocaust Ghetto is established1940
The Nuremberg trials lead to the execution of 10 members of this political party1946
Nikolaos Zachariadis announces a cease-fire, ending civil war in this country1949
Liaquat Ali Khan, first prime minister of this country, is assassinated1951
This conflict began between the US and Cuba1962
This country detonates its first nuclear weapon1964
This Egyptian president is elected, who was later assassinated for signing a peace treaty with Israel1970
After two government officials are kidnapped by the FLQ, this Canadian Prime Minister invokes the War Measures Act1970
Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating a cease-fire in this war1973
Rahima Banu became the last known person to be infected with this disease1975
This pope was elected1978
This South African won the Nobel Peace Prize1984
'Anti-Nazi' riots occur near the headquarters of this British political party1993
This march took place in Washington DC1995
This former Chilean dictator is arrested in London1998
This US President signs a resolution authorising war in Iraq2002
This holiday is observed on the anniversary of the Food and Agriculture OrganizationAll

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