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Motto in EnglishCountryContinent
By the People and for the PeopleAfrica
Homeland or DeathNorth America
Independence, Freedom, Islamic RepublicAsia
In God we TrustNorth America
God and My RightEurope
Fear God and Honor the QueenOceania
One for All, All for OneEurope
Powerful and Prosperous NationAsia
From Sea to SeaNorth America
Motto in EnglishCountryContinent
Unity in DiversityAfrica
Truth Alone TriumphsAsia
Further BeyondEurope
Allah Bless the SultanAsia
Strength through UnityEurope
Order and ProgressSouth America
By Reason or By StrengthSouth America
Peace at Home, Peace in the WorldEurasia
Union Makes StrengthEurope
Liberty, Equality, FraternityEurope

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