2012 Grammys Word Ladder

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Record of the Year: Rolling in the ____
A type of car
To mock or to boo
Something that you drink at a bar
Type of animal
Dance/Electronica Nominee: Nothing but the ____
A milestone or accomplishment
Trick or treat, smell my ____
To give food to
What you plant in the ground
I've ____ this all before.
A masculine name
Best Country Solo Performance
Vegetarians refused to eat this
____ and greet session
To know or to wit
Composed of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.
A pimple (drop the h)
Best Rock Song
When the pitcher steps off of the mound midway through his wind-up
Foot, base, basket, hand, etc.
What you use a telephone for
Yarborough's first name (a retired NASCAR driver)
Song of the Year nominee: The ____
To wash
Best R&B Performance: Is This ____
A type of bird
A measurement of medicine
A type of flower
Recipient of the Grammy Lifetime Achievement award: Diana ____

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