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Oh I'm bound for the waves, the waves dearest Annie,
God save strawberry jam and all the different varieties
When six o' clock comes, me boys, at breakfast we'll meet,
On yonder high mountain the wild fowl do fly
Oh must I go, to her he said, Oh must I go without my wages?
On the last day of September
Here's a health to all others that are loyal and just
And I wish the queen would bring home her armies
Oh love are you coming your cause to advance
This cruel country has driven me down, teased me and lied, teased me and lied
Billy's fair and Billy's rare and Billy's wondrous bonny
Oh the rain it rains all day long,
Dear friends there'll be no sad farewell, there'll be no tear-dimmed eyes
Ranzo you'll rue the day
They both rode side by side and they never did stall

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