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James Gandolfini, 2010, broken family
Glenn Close, 2001, suburban families
Jonah Bobo, 2005, space adventure
Diane Lane, 2005, every family tree has its nuts
Nikki Reed, 2009, sequel to Twilight
Robert Pattinson, 2008, vampire romance
Ryan Reynolds, 2009, worst job ever
Michael Angarano, 2004, mute
William Hurt, 2008, post-Katrina south
Dennis Quaid, 2003, perfect house, perfect crime
Jamie Bell, 2004, rural woods of Georgia
Hayden Christianson, 2008, anywhere is possible
Jodie Foster, 2002, safest room in the house
Dustin Milligan, 2007, horror
Adam Brody, 2007, get ready to fall
Dakota Fanning, 2010, bio-pic
Corbin Bleu, 2004, bank job
Aron Stanford, 2007, life is as sweet as you make it
Emile Hirsch, 2007, great adventure to Alaska
Robert de Niro, 2008, everyone can hear you scream in Hollywood

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